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Albert Pujols Game Used and Autographed St. Louis Cardinals Items

Albert Pujols 2007 Game Used CB15B Marucci Bats

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Albert Pujols 2007 Game Used CB15B Marucci Bats
Both Bats are dated 7/27/2007 on end of knob. Make sure all Marucci Bat have a date on the end of knob. If they do not have a date, they are probably just a cheaper version made to give away or just for autographs. Albert Pujols started swinging Marucci bats in 2007, one of the models he used was the CB15B, Carlos Beltran's model. PSA stated on one of their Authentifications for a CB15B that they contacted Marucci Bat Company on the similar Bat and Marucci stated "These Bats are as authentic as it gets this was a small order that Albert placed at the beginning of our relationship with him in 2007. Albert started using the David Wright Model DW5 and A Carlos Beltran CB15 after they traded Bats before BP one day. He used them in a game, hit a few Home Runs and the rest is History. Since then we have gone on to create a model for Albert the AP5. But those are for sure Gamers and monumental for our Company." The bats were purchased from two different sellers in December 2008. On Pujols Game Used Bats Jeff Scott of stated " Just because a bat comes with a letter of authenticity ~ even from respected sources like PSA/DNA or MEARS ~ don't go into a purchase blindly. Trust me, the authenticators who sign those letters are nice guys who know their stuff - but they are not watching every at bat, talking with people inside the Cardinals organization or examining virtually every Pujols bat that is offered at auction by the Cardinals. Their letters will tell you a bat is a Pujols model consistent with factory records, and that it is used ~ but they're usually careful not to say that Pujols used the bat. Frankly, unless he walked from home plate to the stands and handed me the bat personally, I couldn't tell you whether Pujols used a specific bat, either. But, because I do watch every at bat and have examined many actual Pujols bats offered by the Cardinals, I have a much more informed idea of what to look for in a Pujols gamer. Now that you've read this, I hope you do, too".
Posted on April 23, 2009