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About Me

Welcome to . This site was created to talk about St. Louis Cardinals Baseball and to show some of my Albert Pujols and Stan Musial collection. I am always looking to buy Albert Pujols and Stan Musial Game Used Items.

Please be aware that what you might think is a real item may not be game used even though an authenticator has said it is authentic. A big percentage of Game Used Jerseys being sold today for instance have been doctored to look like a game used item and have never been used. Just because it has the 0062 tag in the Jersey does not mean it is an official game used Jersey by Albert. Some Game Used Jerseys have been doctored and added the Pujols lettering and numbers. You need to know what to look for and a Cardinals expert knows what to look for! No, I am not a Cardinals Expert and do not claim to be. I have contacts with Cardinals Experts that collect only St. Louis Cardinals items and know what to look for in a real game used item. The authenticators spread themselves too thin trying to authenticate everything. For instance a lot of early Albert Pujols autographs are turned down by the authenticators due to the different number of ways Albert has changed the way he signs, that is why you need a Cardinals or Pujols expert to look at your items possibly before you make an error and buy an item that is not authentic.

Feel free to contact me anytime about Cardinal Baseball or collecting. Visit my Game Used Item Photos to see just a few of my Game Used Collection. Also, check out the Web Store to see what is available.

 Also, visit my EBAY site at for items that I have for sale. My email address is .

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